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best fitness tracker for cycling

Our fitness is as important as our nutrition and taking enough sleep. While many of us are not that ‘passionate’ to keep our body in shape, we still need to do physical activities to remain healthy and active. With the aid of advanced technology, fitness trackers were born.

Fitness trackers are designed to give life and reactivate your daily exercise routines. This is very useful to monitor your progress which includes steps, distance traveled, calorie intake, heart rate, and sleep. Moreover, other trackers use GPS tracking that measures your pace and distance. This is important to consider especially when you want to buy the best fitness tracker for cycling. Undoubtedly, fitness trackers can be your best fitness buddy you can get along throughout your fitness activity.

This is important to consider especially when you want to buy a great one. Undoubtedly, fitness trackers can be your best fitness buddy you can get along throughout your fitness activity.

 Essential Factors to consider in choosing a Fitness Tracker

A tracker should Look and Feel Good

Regardless of the great features that a fitness tracker has, it’s still a bad idea if you don’t like wearing it. Consider the design and the product’s great and elegant look. Before buying, make sure you can wear it for long hours of daily activities.

Make sure that it works with Your Device

Not all products work in all devices. That’s why you need to make sure that your fitness tracker is compatible with your phone, tablet, or computer before buying them. Several trackers sync only with Apple’s iOS or with Android.

Get more Style

Basically, most trackers are made to be worn on the wrist and others are worn as pendants or clipped to clothing. While devices are usually made for functionality in the past, many manufacturers now give serious consideration to the style. When buying, look for different materials, the color and shapes that suit your needs and taste.

Check the Display

Nowadays, modern fitness trackers show their data with the use of numbers, words, and symbol on a display similar to watch face. While other trackers use a simple LED light display or in an app. Syncing the data to your devices such as computer or smartphone archives the information and helps you to analyze it.

Examine the Accuracy

Trackers are not perfect. They work with sensors and algorithms to count footsteps, a number of punches thrown, hours slept and more. Of course, there is some level of inaccuracy. It is recommended to look for a device with more specific function to get hard data.

Compared to the in-device sensors in your wrist, heart rate monitors that strap to your chest transmits information to your activity tracker can provide more accurate data

Don’t forget the Battery Life

You can have a device that has a battery life from one day to a number of months. Trackers are basically rechargeable. However, if you’re considering a tracker with colored touch screen and packed with sensors, expect frequent charging.

See if it’s Waterproof

This is something you should not ignore. There are times that you might get wet while doing your activities. Some fitness trackers can be waterproof or are resistant to stronger water current. If you enjoy diving into a pool or you go cycling, you need a fitness tracker must be waterproof also.

Below Are The Top 7 Best Fitness Tracker For Cycling in 2017


#1. Garmin vívoactive Black – [#Best Seller] For Cyclist

Garmin vívoactive Black

The Garmin Vivoactive is designed as a fitness watch that is capable of diminishing fats. It features a GPS tracking device with a lifestyle and stylish look. One great thing about this tracker is its ability to be upgraded with new accessories that you want to add. Moreover, its battery is definitely long lasting and it goes along with you for longer workouts.


  • It provides an overview of your daily workout including a number of steps, last sport completed, intensity minutes, weather report, notifications and heart rate.
  • Tapping the menus for the extra detailed view.
  • A touchscreen to monitor your daily activity as well as your notifications menus.
  • Press the right-hand button at the bottom part of the watch, and you can see the list of sports including. running, biking, swimming, golfing, walking, rowing the boat and much more.
  • It supports ANT+ sensors.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Great built-in GPS tracking.
  • A touchscreen to monitor your daily activity as well as your notifications menus.

Drawback: Sometimes the notifications are patchy. If you’re looking for apps in its library, these are just limited in number.

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#2. Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate –  [#Best Seller]

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate

This fitness wristband is a perfect choice for a heart rate and fitness wristband. It has an automatic monitoring of an entire day of activity, exercise and sleep. This wristband tracker is made with distinct exercise modes in order for you to see real-time stats to monitor the level of your cardio fitness and breathing sessions.

This is a reliable product which can consistently monitor your heart rate, plus with the Fitbit app’s dashboard and motivating challenges.


  • Packed with vital smartphone notifications.
  • New glossy design
  • Interactive OLED display.
  • Long lasting battery life for 5 days.
  • OLED touchscreen display is designed for stats viewing (e.g. step count and calories burned.)
  • A variety of colors to choose from which includes blue, black, purple, and teal blue.
  • The band is removable from the body. You can replace the band with a stylish leather option

Drawback: This is quite huge and uncomfortable for small-wristed folks.

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#3. Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch

Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch

It is known for being a polished fitness watch. This is quite bulky since it’s loaded with great tool status and eight full sensors which include 3-axis accelerometers, compass, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, GPS and heart rate.
These tools and sensors can help you find a wider range of fitness tracker functions. Also, it has MEMS 3-axis accelerometer to quantify motion patterns to get the number of your steps taken, active minutes, distance traveled and a number of calories burned.


  • Various and in depth fitness-tracking functions.
  • Altimeter for measuring floors climbed to see your progress.
  • Heart-rate monitoring.
  • Accepts a large range of multifunctional activity.
  • It allow users to view comprehensive summaries with metrics and workout intensity according to heart rate and amount of burned calories.

Drawback: When it comes to design, this is most probably not for modern design trackers. Even the battery life is weak.

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#4. Garmin Edge 520 Bike Computer – Cool invention for cyclist

Garmin Edge 520 Bike Computer

Garmin Edge 520 is specially made with plenty of features. Avail its base map to find out your location in the area. It also has an automatic zoom that can provide more details and can be easily turned off if not needed. The features enhanced its display and it is made smaller and lighter. If you enjoy cycling for a whole day, its 15-hour battery life is enough.

These amazing features are built in the system.


  • GPS and GLONASS satellite chips.
  • Barometric altimeter.
  • Phone message compatibility.
  • All common sensors.
  • Compatible with other power meters.
  • Light compatibility, Functional Threshold Power monitoring, training zone measuring, VO2 recording, and recovery time predictions.

Drawback: If a navigation device is what you need, the basemaps may not address your needs.

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#5. Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker – Cheaper option

Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker

The flexible strap of Polar H7 is available in different sizes. You may choose from extra small to small sizes or from medium to XXL sizes.

This is convenient even you’re actively moving and can be fit to almost chest sizes due to its ‘clip & loop’ design. When it comes to battery life, its CR2025 coin battery may last for a month as long as you disconnect it every now and then from the strap after using.

Unlike the optical sensors based on light, Polar H7 utilizes ‘electrocardiogram’ heart-rate sensor that can measure the heart’s electrical activity and obtain a consistent and resting heart rate information.


  • Small and light clip-on transmitter
  • Adjustable and comfortable chest strap.
  • CR2025 coin battery
  • The H7 is resistant to water and very suitable for water activities like swimming.
  • Its optical sensors can detect changes in your blood volume.
  • The Polar H7 operates with Bluetooth Smart. If you’re using Android smartphones on Android 4.3 and iPhones that works with iOS 7, Polar H7 is also compatible to use.

Drawback: Polar is a little bit hard to unscrew going back to access battery

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#6. Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor – Budget Option

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

Do you want to keep yourself in good shape? Or do you want to lose significant some pounds? Experience a more efficient way to get yourself trained. This is dependable when it comes to getting a consistent and precise heart rate. Plus! You are also informed of a number of calories you’ve burned after your workout, cycling or any activities.


  • Comfy and soft fabric heart rate chest strap available in medium to XXL sizes.
  • Measures the heart rate.
  • Provides precise heart rate for simple fitness training.
  • Smart Calorie feature generates precise calculation of calories burned based on your personal data.
  • Replaceable battery and water resistant for 30 meters depth.
  • Connectible to compatible gym equipment.

Drawback: It does not measure footsteps.

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Fitness trackers can be used to almost all activities and workouts like running and cycling. It’s not easy to choose the best fitness tracker for you especially if you’re into cycling. Every activity has its own challenges and needs that a fitness tracker should have.

We’ve provided the important factors for your use as a guide in purchasing your fitness tracker and which one really fits you based on your needs and preferences. Hopefully, we have given you better insights for the right decision. Enjoy the next few steps in your daily workout with your new fitness tracker.


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