Top List Of Best Mountain Bikes Under 3000 Dollars in 2020 – Reviews & Guide


Best Mountain bikes under 3000 dollars

Keeping 3000 dollars in pocket and looking forward to spending it all for a well furnished and polished mountain bike is a great bold initiative. It is great to see you this courageous and you can be fully sure that you just landed on the right place. You will find the best mountain bike under 3000 dollars here.

Mountain bikes are a very popular form of bicycles. Mountain bikes have a prideful past of itself. It was originated in Yellowstone national park, US in the year of 1896. Since then, mountain bikes do not have to look back. Moreover, to ride the mountain with lightning fast speed – mountain bike is the one and only choice for mountain riders. So why wait for more, let us dive into the rush of adrenaline and pick the perfect mountain bike of yours.

Top list of Best Mountain bikes under 3000 Dollars

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike


  • Sturdy T800 carbon fiber made frame, seat post and handlebar
  • Very much lightweight, weighs only 10.7 kg.
  • Beginner friendly design, declared by BEIOU
  • Disc brake system and the disc brake is hidden here
  • Hardtail mountain bike
  • Fork suspension system
  • 3*10 speed mountain bike


  • Crank: HAO MENG
  • Handlebar: BEIOU carbon fiber- 600mm, 31.8mm, Flat
  • Weight: Only 10.75Kg
  • Gear: Shimano Alivio (9S), 27 speeds
  • Suspension: Aluminum alloy pneumatic front fork
  • Brake: Shimano M355 hydraulic braking system

The BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B MTB comes first. It is not that expensive. Far from that 3000 dollars marks of yours. However, proudly worth your inspection. In addition, if you want to know the best feature of this right now, which leads it all the way to the top of this list, I would say it is its carbon fiber frame.

Many choose steel or aluminum frame for their mountain bike, and you know what? They made great frames too, but if you still haven’t tried a mountain bike with carbon fiber frame yet – I think this is the high time that you bought this. The main attraction of a carbon fiber frame is they are very much lightweight yet sturdy and strong as a steel or aluminum frame.

The frame of the BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B mountain bike is made from a T800 carbon fiber, the best of its kind. I might sound vague or unclear to you, blabbering the carbon fiber model name or so. It is only because you still have not tried carbon fiber frame enriched MTB. If you did, I am sure you’d know the name. And, as a newcomer to the carbon fiber, I suggest you start your journey with the BEIOU Carbon fiber 650B MTB. You will gather the all the good of a carbon fiber frame from it, all of it.

Now quickly let’s check onto the main pros and cons (if there any) of the mountain bike


  • Of course, the carbon fiber frame comes first. How they manage to provide this sturdy carbon fiber model at this price point, is still a little mystery to me.
  • Of course lightweight. It’s the main application of a carbon fiber frame. And mountain biking requires the bike to be picked up by the rider sometimes, so it is the most important benefit in my opinion.


  • Some complaint about the hard seat. If you feel the same way too, there are always option to change the seat you know.
  • The torque specification is not disclosed by the manufacturer.
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Diamondback Bicycles Diamondback Overdrive Carbon Pro 29 


  • The Frame is of 142×12 rear spacing.
  • Shimano six br-m7000 hydraulic disc brakes
  • Rockshox Reba Rl fork with the 29 inch wheels
  • 15mm thru-axle and standalone 100mm travel air front fork
  • Carbon drop outs featured. Additionally, a tapered head tube and a press-fit 30 bottom bracket are available.
  • Diamondback made 29Inch wheelset which is Blanchard 25r tubeless compatible
  • A 34T front chain ring, bundled with a SRAM 11-speed drivetrain and a 10-42t rear cassette


  • Crank: SRAM GX1000 with 34T Chain ring X-sync
  • Handlebar: 720mm Wide Easton EC70 Carbon, Low Rise with 31.8mm Bar Bore
  • Weight: Only 12.25Kg (27 pounds)
  • Gear: SRAM GX X-Actuation Trigger, 11 Speed
  • Suspension: Rockshox Reba RL 29″,, 1.5″ Taper Steerer Tube, 32mm Stanchion, 100mm Travel, w/ Rebound Adjust, Lockout, 15mm Thru-axleSolo Air.
  • Brake: Shimano SLX BR-M7000 Hydraulic Disc, w/ 180mm Front / 160mm Rear Rotors

Well, after watching the heading above, I know you must be thinking that – if it is the best then why it comes at second. This is because in terms of mountain bike the definition and the definition of most comfortable is not always the same. Whenever determining to size, weight can be overlooked slightly a little bit but strength of the bike comes first. But if you want to go for the most comfortable one, you must choose the most lightweight and the one which is easy to ride over. This one is also a little bit overpriced in my opinion, but you know, price pays superiority.

Now, what’s so special about the Diamondback Overdrive Carbon Pro 29? What has made this giant mountain bike the best? Actually, there are a lot of things here to be told. But well rear spacing, carbon dropouts, tubeless compatible 29inchy wheelset and Shimano six br-m7000 hydraulic disc brakes come first if you want to know why it is so praiseworthy.


  • The most balanced mountain bike
  • Still very lightweight in term of assembly
  • A RACE MACHINE!!! The 100mm Rockshox Reba RL fork with the 29 wheels, ensure a very much faster speed


  • None.
    You can say the price is too high, actually, it was. The initial price was really high, I agree. But later on, the price is reduced making it a gem to grab.

There is another instance of this same model available from Diamondback on which you might get interested too. With a lesser price. If you want to check that as well, you can get that here.

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Richbit Updated Electric Mountain Bike

Richbit Updated Electric Mountain Bike


  • 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • 36V*10A Lithium Battery which is sealed in a removable pack
  • 6-month bike warranty, 1-year battery warranty


  • Weight: 26kg
  • Shimano TX35 with 7 speed
  • SPEED: 30-35 Kph(Off-road)

Welcome the one and only electric bike of the list. However, many don’t like electric bike much – you won’t sweat, no pedaling, I mean where is the fun? I, myself also do not like electric bikes much for mountain biking. But you just cannot resist the fun riding a well electric bike. So here is a well-reviewed electric mountain bike for those who love riding an electric bike.

You can see the Richbit Updated Electric bike as one of the most durable electric bikes available right now. The frame is built from aluminum. Since it is an electric bike and the weight is not an issue here, aluminum is a very good choice for the frame. The aluminum frame helps to reduce the overall weight of the bike as much as possible maintaining the sturdiness since it is an electric bike. Capable of speeding higher than usual.

The tires are excessively fat here. Many see this as a disgust. However, I personally don’t. As it is an electric bike, you just do not have to pedal the fat, heavy tires all by yourself. So, whenever you have the option to go bold with a fat tire, why you do not? moreover, this type of tires is excellent in absorbing shock.

About the gear shifting system, the Richbit Updated Electric Bike has a 21 gear system designed by Shimano. About the speed, you can easily speed upto 35kph. The battery is a 10A, 36v lithium battery.


  • 21 gears
  • Immense fat tires
  • Great suspension


  • As said earlier, this weighs too much to be a mountain bike. But it is an electric bike you know, your choice. Just make sure that you do not go to any places riding this bike where you might have to carry it around.
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BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike – Editors Pick

BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike


  • Toray T800 made Carbon Fiber frame
  • SHIMANO M610 DEORE System
  • 3×10 Speed capable mountain bike
  • Disc brake used here which cannot be seen usually, hidden disc brake
  • Fork Suspension
  • Very lightweight. Weighs only – 10.8 kg
  • This feature is not about the bike itself, but you would love this feature anyway. The provider of the bike ensures very fast delivery. Who does not hate to wait for his/her favorite bike to arrivea long, I do.


  • Crank: HAO MENG
  • Weight: 10.75kg
  • Suspension: Aluminum alloy pneumatic front fork
  • Brake: Shimano Alivio
  • Tires: Kenda 26 inches by 1.95 inches
  • Size: sizes of 15 inches, 17 inches, 19 inches

Another one from the BEIOU. Actually, when you want the best price to performance ratio, BEIOU is undoubtedly the only place to go. Yes, there are some mountain bikes existing except the BEIOU ones, two are featured here on this very article too, but they are known to overpriced. Of course, these overpriced mountain bikes are marvelous, you won’t get those beneficiary facts otherwise. But people says that they are bit overpriced. Some even say that you will get the beast, but spending 3000-4000 dollars, nah! These should have been around 2500 or so.

But whenever it comes to BEIOU, you will get a premium mountain bike, a mountain bike that you can be proud of and show your acquaintances, ride the lightening and it is with the least price. There are other cheaply priced MTB available too. But you will not get the preciousness out of it. So, here’s your BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike – one of the best bang for the bucks you can get.

Let us speculate onto features of this BEIOU fiber carbon mountain bike. The most promising part of this mountain bike is its durability. Each and every person I know who possesses this MTB, everybody seems very much satisfied with the service and durability of the bike. You can easily pass a year or two stretching at the most with your eyes shut, they say. The Toray T800 frame plays a big role behind this I suppose. Apart from that, it is featured with a very attractive design and high-quality brakes and shifters, a steal to get at this price point.


  • Great design
  • Durable
  • Quality brakes and gears
  • Three different sizes to ensure wide acceptance of people


  • None at this price point. Every user of this bike seems to be very happy with it, no complaint received yet.
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Full suspension mountain bike under $3000 


Two best picks from full suspension mountain bikes will be featured here. If you are a fan of a full suspension bike and want to go for the best of its kind, just pick one from the two demonstrated below.

If the sky is the limit, pick the first one, or if you want one of the bikes without breaking your bank, go for the second


Diamondback Bicycles Catch 2 Complete Ready Ride Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle

Diamondback Bicycles Catch 2 Complete Ready Ride Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle


  • As a full suspension bike, this bike is equipped with Diamondback hydroformed alloy frame with Level Link Suspension
  • The front suspension is also of Fox Float 34 fork.
  • Kenda Havok tires. Measurement: 27.5×2.8″. Great choice for heavy grip
  • SRAM GUIDE R hydraulic disc brakes
  • SRAM GX Type 2.1, 11-Speed drivetrain and GX shifter for a unique gear shifting
  • Diamondback Blanchard 32R
  • Wheelset with tubeless compatibility
  • DB4L “Lock on” 135mm Kraton grips and WTB Volt Comp saddle keep you in touch and control


  • Size: 15.5″/small, 17”/medium, 19”/Large, 21”/XLarge
  • Model no: 2/16/2350
  • Dimensions: 32.00 pounds
  • Color: Glossy Velvet
  • Brand: Diamondback

The most expensive Mountain Bike of the list. And hell yes, doesn’t the highest excellence come with the price?  Enriched with a lot of colossal features, long feature list worth every penny. Many looks this as an unnecessary expenditure of money, please you do not. It is pushing the love for riding through the valley and mountain to the apogee. Enhancing the safety at its best. There’s a proverb,If you are always hungry for more and more, why not get to the last instead of controlling the hunger. Here, the Diamondback Bicycles Catch 2 Complete Ready Ride Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle is the last point of mountain bikes. Pick any comparing portion of a mountain bike, this bike will beat every other bike available right now. If you are into outlook or design sorta things, here’s a pure gem for you. I have never seen any mountain bike this appealing and eye soothing. And performance? do not dare to make a vacillation.


The combination of level link suspension and 27.5 plus wheels, impossible to beat. It makes a unique combination. It is designed keeping the versatile geographical position in mind. Mountain, valley or any sort of terrain can be dominated with the Diamondback Catch 2. DB’s most miraculous architect, the hydroformed alloy frame is used here. This ensures the best sturdiness along with the most lightweight body. This is a common problem if the body is light – it tends to break earlier. On the other hand, the extra strong body generates much weight. To get rid of this problem, DB designed an expensive solution and that is hydroformed alloy frame. The materials used to make the frame is expensive. This is usually used in an airplane to make.

Next, comes the level link suspension.Usually, suspension embraces the shake created for a rough surface, but it also reduces the speed. It is caused because of the uneven behavior of both suspensions. But since it is a full suspension mountain bike, and with level link suspension – both suspensions works as a unit not matter what condition the surface in. Does not reduce the speed. Go with the full potentiality everywhere. This is what the Diamondback Catch 2 is capable of. This suspension system is Diamondback’s patent-protected design, you won’t find it anywhere than here, no matter what amount bucks you are willing to spend.

About the tires, the tires are a bit plus sized. Mighty kenda havoc tires are used here. Those who are familiar with tire industry, know the reign of kenda havoc tires. The specialty of this tires is their grip. No matter what the terrain, this has the capability of stopping at once, anywhere.

Moreover, it’s designed to separate horizontal pedaling forces and control chain growth. This is needed for an increased amount of pedaling efficiency. You can pedal way more with sweating less. The Less arduous ride will take you far than the usual.

All of the words above are only for expressing the mightiness of the Diamondback Bicycles Catch 2 Complete Ready Ride Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle. Yet it seems less. Lastly, just take on a climb, jump down with this full suspension mountain bike, you will feel the fabulous bump compliance and how the rear wheel gets locked planted. Just try doing this, I’m sure you are convinced enough to buy this emperor. Do not make yourself deprived of this beauty, Diamondback Bicycles Catch 2 Complete Ready Ride Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle


  • Hydroformed alloy frame, most wanted mountain bike frame solution of the town from Diamondback. It is DB’s patent protected design so you won’t have it elsewhere.
  • Level link suspension. The most comfort you can get riding a mountain bike
  • The most grip capable Kenda havoc tires
  • Overall the complete combination of everything, the most complete mountain bike available.
  • And much more……


  • None
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Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Mission 1 Complete All Mountain Full Suspension Bike [Editors Pick] The best mountain bike of all, hands down, mic dropped

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Mission 1 Complete All Mountain Full Suspension Bike


  • The frame metal is made of 6061-T6 aluminum. Ultra-durability, paying the least price
  • Suspension here is knuckleBox, another great choice whenever you have the best price to performance ratio in mind
  • On the three main pivot points, there is single sided hardware is used. It ensures easy later service capability
  • Told before, this bike is all about supplying the best output at this price point. Fox 34 Float CTD air is used as front suspension. And CTD “LV” suspension as rear. This are legendary over the suspension industry to maintain the best suspension maintaining a moderate price.
  • SRAM is known to be the best shifter provider. Though they usually priced higher the market. Diamondback didn’t want to make this mountain bike to be anywhere near the lower side. So, they go for the best here in term of derailleur.
    SRAM X7 type 2.1 rear derailleur is used here for a smooth and silent as well as proper shifting.


  • Derailleur: Shimano SLX M675 Shadow+.
  • Saddle: M-series DB Race
  • Crankset: 30T RaceFace Ride
  • Rear Travel: 160mm
  • Suspension: KnuckleBox
  • Headset: FSA
  • Shifters: Shimano-Deore

The Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Mission 1 Complete All Mountain Full Suspension Bike is the best choice if you want to go for a full suspension mountain bike, the best of its kind and you are on a budget. Do not mix up this budget mountain bike with a less performing one. If you carefully read the features part above, the part where the features are written in bullet point. You can see there that all the best equipment is used there keeping the budget in mind, but Diamondback never compromises with the quality choosing the equipment. SRAM X7 shifter proves that.

So, if there is the slightest trace of doubt that it might not be one of the best performers, please back that thought behind. It is one of the best full suspension mountain bikes. Capable of beating many full suspension bikes pricier than this.

This model has a very bold look. So, cool mountain bike lovers are also welcomed to try this out. It has a 27.5-inch wheel. And knuckle box suspension told before, also adds integrity to this mountain bike.

You might still wonder if it is one of the best then how they come up with a comparatively cheaper price. It is because some not that important parts are missing here (Check cons below to know more) and those helps to keep the price within the boundary. Be sure to check them before purchasing.


  • Ultra-durable
  • 10-speed
  • Attractive design
  • Hydraulic disc brake
  • Good suspension from knucklebox
  • Great SRAM x7 shifters. Uncompromising quality.


  • There is no kickstand
  • It does not have a water bottle cage
  • It is not fully assembled
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What size of mountain bike should you choose?

Best full suspension mountain bike under 3000

Now, at the edge of this guide, let me shade some lights over sizing of mountain bikes. It is important. If your mountain bike does not suit you, nothing can be more regretful than that. Well, you can ride that, it will be painful in the long run. You won’t be able to ride for long, and especially, you will not enjoy it. So, why go through the hassle if you can avoid the circumstance just by giving a brief look over sizing of mountain bikes before purchasing?

Mountain bike’s frame is measured in inches. This lays between approximately from 13-23 inches. Follow the below image to perfectly pick up the most suitable mountain bike for you.


mountain bike sizing chart

Don’t quite get this? 1st column is revealed for you. Here it is saying that, if your height is between 4’10” to 5’2” (mentioned in the upper part) you should go for mountain bikes sized XS (Extra small) meaning the bike frame should be in between 13.5 inches to 15 inches
There you go. Just keep this image above before purchasing.

So, what are you thinking? I know there’s a lot going on in that head of yours right now. You are great passionate mountain rider, who will be riding all those couloirs without fear using one of those mountain bike mentioned above. It’s obvious, right? Picking the right one is not an easy task for you. All you have to do now is to dig up your conditions, and then Just stick to the suggestion I’ve given above according to different scenarios. Your perfect mountain bike won’t come to you all on a happenstance, pick it wisely.

See you on the trail!!!


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