Best spinning Bikes Under 500 Dollars – Cheap But Premium Features


If you are trying to find out if a spin bike really helps you getting fit, or wanting to try an entry level spin bike within a price range for whatever reason, you have come to the right place.

There are awesome spinning bikes that will be able to feed your feature need as you require but won’t empty your pocket! Reveal the best spinning bikes under $500 below.

Top Spin Bikes Comparison Under $500

So you are concerned about your health and you are looking for relatively cheaper spinner bike. That is alright and you know what? What you are thinking is cheap, is not that cheap either whenever you bring the build quality in the count.  You can find the top 5 best spinning bikes under 500 dollar price point. There are some pretty nice choices exist currently in the market that will help you to reach all the way to your spinning goal.

Top 5 Best spinning Bikes Under 500 Dollars


Best spinning Bike Under 500

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

sunny health and fitness pro spin bike

Reveal the warmest workout option that is comfy!!

Workout within the comfort of your own home and add extra comfort fragrances of Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike. This spin bike is very much comfortable to use; it outstands even the pricey spin bikes in this respect whenever you are planning to Spin for a long time

The cozy feeling you will get above it ensures you will not give up until your daily goal is reached. Fitness is all about punctuality and doing what you intend, right? The comfort the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike provides will keep you in track.

Another great significance of it is its adjustment system. The sleek minimum design makes it disappear when you are not using it. There are transport wheels available, move it everywhere!!

Easy to dissect, easy to place together again. You are a traveler, you travel a lot; but you don’t wanna give up spinning, this is one great choice for you.

Key features

  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebars for comfort, Transportation wheels for easy portability, That’s what I was talking about- comfort and transportability, Its fully convenient baby!
  • Adjustable resistance systems; transport wheels
  • Supports up to 275 pounds; it won’t break if you are really what you think you are initially (you know what I mean)
  • Fully adjustable seat
  • Totally adjustable handlebars
  • Chain drive mechanism for smooth and quiet workouts, won’t wake up the neighbors
  • Heavy duty crank
  • Heavy duty steel frame

Technical Specs

  • Assembled dimensions: 46.5L x 20W x 48.5H inches (118.1L x 50.8W x 121.9H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 108lbs
  • Flywheel weight: 40 lbs (18.1kg)
  • Supported weight: 275lbs (124.7 kg)
  • Recommended use: personal
  • Fitness goal: increase cardio
  • Warranty: 1 year limited

Great efficacy! Will make you sweatbetter result within short days

This sunny spin bike weighs 108 lbs. Probably you may be thinking why it weighs much than the others, is it good? It is good, not only good, IT’S GREATIt weighs more because it has a 40lb (18.14 kg) flywheel with chain drive. It gives the bike much more stability, much durability, and obviously it will keep you sweating. The more you sweat, the more calories are burning.

Finding such resistance at this price point is really impressive, and that makes it our top bike of the best spinning bike under 500.

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Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer – 49 lb. Flywheel

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer
If there is a trace of contempt in your face by now, if you are thinking all by yourself after reading the above spin bike,” Huh! What a shame, only 40lb flywheel, I can do better than that, you poor, old people.” Then be heard, I am not stopped yet.

There is a superior sibling of the number 1 Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike. It is Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer – 49 lb. Flywheel

As I said earlier, it is superior sibling of Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike. It possesses all the conveniences of that. Moreover, it comes up with some extra features apart from that. Check below,

Key features

  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebars for comfort, Transportation wheels for easy portability- like before. Much more convenience.
  • Transport wheels for portability
  • Supports up to 275 pounds
  • Much efficient chain drive mechanism for smoother and quieter workouts,
  • Heavy duty crank
  • Heavy duty steel frame

Technical specs

  • Assembled dimensions:50 x 20 x 44 inches
  • Master carton dimension: 40.5 x 9.5 x 35 inches
  • Assembled Weight: 126 lbs
  • Supported weight: 275 LBS (124.7k g)
  • Recommended use: personal
  • Fitness goal: More enhanced cardio, build muscle.
  • Warranty: 1 year limited

Way more efficacy! Will make you sweatier great result within the shortest time possible!!

It has Adjustable resistance with a press down brake system. And what really matters for you is the flywheel weight. 49lbs. Can you believe that?

Yes, I was astonished too. Whenever I first got acknowledged about this spin bike, I was like, what the heck, are you kidding me? 49lbs flywheel at this price point? No way! But believe it or not, it is there.

It will not only increase your cardio, but also strengthen your leg muscle. A regular 15- 20 minutes of use will bring result within short time, will make you feel like flying whenever you are walking or jogging around.

These features above make this spin bike proudly capable of being enlisted of our best spinning bike under 500 list. Choose from Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike 40lbs or 49lbs versions according to your need.

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Schwinn IC2 Indoor Cycling Bike

Schwinn IC2 Spin BikeIf you are looking for an easier and smooth ride over your spinning bike, the Schwinn IC2 Bike is the most perfect spinning bike for you, if you are in a short budget. It is great for beginners.

This spinning bike simulates great real alike biking experience as far as we are concerned. You’ll burn calories while feeling like you’re riding through rolling hills.

It comes with easy adjust pedals and a vibrant LCD display for showing different criteria of your pedaling. It also has transport wheel. Spin wherever you may roam!

Key Features

  • BioFit™ Comfort. Extra comfort with the help of Schwinn patent protect hi fi comfy system.
  • Multi position handlebars
  • Integrated bottle or MP3 holder. Isn’t that great? I love this type of tiny innovative approach. Little modification, but brings great usability.
  • Easy-adjust pedals and outdoor cycling inspired Q-Factor
  • 31 lbs flywheel and with high inertia, great for beginners while the necessary inertia is there.
  • Oversized and corrosion-resistant steel tubing that ensures safe and sturdy ride
  • Long life wool felt pad gives smooth and even resistance
  • Simple to use LCD computer displays speed, RPM, distance, time, and calories

Technical Specs

  • Assembled Dimensions: 45″ L x 23″ W x 49″ H
  • Assembled weight: 83 lbs (37.6 kg)
  • Flywheel: 31 lb flywheel
  • Supported weight: 250 lbs
  • Handlebars: Adjustable
  • Resistance Levels: Infinite
  • Seat: Standard
  • Seat Adjustments: Yes; fore/aft
  • Pedals: Standard
  • Transport Wheels: Yes


The perfect choice for the beginners

The lesser flywheel with a great inertia makes it the best choice for the beginners. And you know what, it is in the best spinning bike under $500  price range. Makes great sense, won’t empty your pocket, began your fitness sailing smooth.

You may go for it without hesitating, for you or for the person you care, who is just about starting.

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Fitleader FS1 Stationary Indoor Spin Exercise Bike

Fitleader fs1 spin bike Up above I have been talking about renown spinning models. Well a new contestant has arrived in this contention of being best spinning bike under 500 dollars, and it is Fitleader FS1 Stationary Indoor Exercise Bike. New kid on the block, will provide you everything that other spinning bike would provide, with an outrageous bold look.

It is a brand new model of 2016, which looks very much promising with fabulously positive customer feedback. Check out the what special features of this cheap but beautiful like pricey ones has to show you,

Key Features

  • Indoor cycling bike with magnetic, bidirectional flywheel
  • Lightweight but durable steel frame
  • Perimeter weighted flywheel for a true road feel, with quiet and smoothly consistent workouts
  • Sporty appearance with dynamic flywheel design water bottle holder
  • 8 magnetic resistance levels
  • multi-function LCD display
  • adjustable seat and handlebars
  • dual-action safety brake
  • includes holder for tablet or iPad
  • suitable for anyone between 5’1 and 6’2

Technical specs

  • Assembled dimensions: 46L x 25.3W x 38.8H inches (116.8L x 64.2W x 98.5H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 69.3 lbs (31.4 kg)
  • Flywheel weight: 13.2 lbs (6 kg)
  • Supported weight: 293 lbs (133 kg)
  • Handlebars: 2-way adjustable
  • Seat: 4-way adjustable
  • Pedals: With adjustable straps
  • Drive: Belt
  • Resistance: Adjustable, 8 levels
  • Fitness meter: Included
  • Warranty: 1 year limited


With a killer look, where beast and beauty significantly meets

If you are desiring a jaw-dropping fashionable spinning bike, within a short range of budget; You should buy this spinning bike with your eyes shut. It has packaged with a very elegant look, it will blow your mind while it is finished assembling, for sure.

This beauty is very much capable of carrying around 290 pounds. And the most important feature apart from the beauty, it has 8 magnetic resistance adjustment level. Adjust resistance according your capability and pedal it off!

So, You are a pro or beginner spin biker, the Fitleader FS1 Stationary Indoor Exercise Bike is the perfect choice for you.

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Exerpeutic LX7 Indoor Cycle Trainer with Computer Monitor and Heart Pulse Sensors

Exerpeutic LX7 Indoor Cycle Trainer with Computer Monitor and Heart Pulse Sensors
Well, well. The last but not nearly the least, Exerpeutic LX7 Indoor Cycle Trainer is here. It is the cheapest among all the classy spinning bike, but man don’t it possesses the heat within it. It’s a wonder how all the features are possible within this congested price. If you are in the most tightest budget ever, but still don’t wanna give up the necessity of a spinning bike, it is a gift for you.

The real life simulation is its specialty. You can ride the bike standing. This will make you feel like you are cruising the hills with your spinning bike. It is one great feature to talk about, that I can tell.

Key features

  • Allows user to stand up and pedal, simulating an uphill road experience. That is the stunning facility I was talking about
  • Double direction enabled pedaling, you can pedal in both directions
  • Aluminum alloy made pedal construction with safe Toe Cages.It is also added with extra forward leg thrust. Both sides of the pedal can be used
  • An electronic screen for an easy to see the display.

Technical specs

  • Assembled dimensions: 47”L x 20”W x 49”H
  • Assembled weight: 90 lbs (40.8 kg)
  • Flywheel weight: 40lbs (18.2 kg) (Great for getting result within short period of time)
  • Supported weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Pedals: With adjustable straps
  • Drive: Belt
  • Fitness meter: Included
  • Warranty: 1 year limited


The cheapest, yet full of feature

As said earlier, it is the perfect cheapest spinning bike to get. You may find other below this price, but they will lack quality and durability for sure. But the Exerpeutic LX7 is the surprisingly cheap spinning bike that maintains quality strongly.

It has also the facility to sum up the heart pulse. Check for yourself by yourself.

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Final Words

So that is all about. These mentioned above are our top choice for the best spinning bike under 500  dollars. Hope it will serve you well. If you want to come up with any other spinning bike, that you think should get a space in best spinning bike under 500 dollars, feel free to acknowledge us.


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