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Indoor cycling is an amazing workout that has only grown increasingly more popular over the last decade. With gyms all across the country providing multiple classes and some facilities being entirely dedicated to the workout, beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike are crazy about spin bikes, and for very good reason.

Indoor cycling is a great way to get a high intensity, high calorie burning workout without the adverse effect of high impact exercise. Its resistance training capabilities also improve cardiovascular health and physical stamina, all while providing a smooth outdoor bike ride feel, indoors.

However, much excitement generates crowds, and many bikers are searching for spin bikes that they can have in their own homes. Fortunately, there are many different types of spin bike available to consumers today through a wide range of online outlets.

Where to Buy the Indoor Spinning Bikes in 2020?

Due to the popularity of the workout and simplicity of the machine itself, spin bikes are surprisingly easy to find and buy at the consumer level, and you don’t have to pay commercial gym prices to get them. Currently,, eBay and Walmart are great online markets for spin bikes, with Amazon being the leading retailer with the widest selection of the three. eBay is a great place to search for the best prices, as many sellers have refurbished or slightly used high-end models that you can bid down to low-end prices, while Walmart offers its retail giant expertise in offering a wide variety of items and services, including free in-store pickup, which is great for those buyers who tend to have bad luck with packaged delivery.

Visiting these sites will help with product comparisons between different manufacturers on the market as opposed to model comparisons on manufacturer websites.

When searching for spin bikes for sale on any online outlet, be sure to read as many reviews and comments from owners and experts as possible. Take note of the dimensions and features of each bike that you are considering to ensure the best fit and use recommendations to reach a decision. You can already find scores of reviews and recommendations for some of the top spin bikes available on the market right here on this website, so you can get started on taking as many notes as possible.

Utilizing these online resources will help you to make one solid purchase that will stay in your household for years, in turn, saving you time, money, and headaches.


Top 6 Spin Bikes for Sale – Compare the top indoor cycles in 2020

With an extensive selection of spin bikes available on the market, it can sometimes be overwhelming for new buyers to find the perfect fit, so to help with your search, here are the top 6 best spin bikes available on the market today.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

sunny health and fitness pro spin bike
An Amazon best-seller, the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro is an affordable and practical spin bike offered by a leader in the industry. Its no-frills, basic design is great for beginners looking to build endurance levels and/or get in shape.

Not to be overshadowed by fancier models on the market, this bike is solid and durable with its 40lb flywheel being arguably one of its best features, lending to a smooth ride not found in most spin bikes in its price range.

This bike is chain driven which means it may get slightly noisy with more intense workouts and maintenance will be ongoing, but it still has a fully adjustable seat and handlebars for maximum comfort and adjustable resistance systems for maximum endurance. An excellent purchase for first time buyers, this bike is a supreme bargain.

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Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer – 49lb Flywheel

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer
A bit of an upgrade from the pro, the Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive with 49lb flywheel is a heavier bike so it provides a much sturdier ride and also adds a challenge that lighter flywheels do not offer as a heavier flywheel is harder to start pedaling and takes more time to stop.

It also has a belt drive which allows for a smoother and much more quiet workout than its more basic counterpart.

Handlebars and seat are fully adjustable as well and this model offers a top press-down brake – a good addition to have with a heavier flywheel – and metal bottle holder for drink storage.

Its heavy-duty design brings a slight price hike, but is seen as worth it by many experienced riders who tend to do higher intensity workouts and are looking for a budget-friendly bike that won’t move with them.

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SOLE Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike

Reviewed as a best buy in its price range amongst online shoppers, the SOLE Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike is most certainly top of the line. This bike primarily satisfies the needs of most riders by providing handlebar and seat adjustments that include fore and aft positions that add to the overall comfortability of the bike during a workout. Users are also rejoicing over the seat’s ergonomic padded design, perfect for long-distance training.

While the bike may be on the pricey side and could possibly be passed up by less active cyclists, its computer capabilities and state of the art Kevlar braking system save it from being overlooked completely.

With a 3”x 4” integrated LCD console, riders can easily keep track of RPM, time, Kcal, distance and speed, and the Kevlar is a strong and flexible material that works with the 48lb flywheel to keep the bike quiet and firm during your workout.

The bike is also compatible with wireless chest strap use for heart rate monitoring during training and is outfitted with a comprehensive warranty.

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Fitleader FS1 Stationary Exercise Bike

Fitleader fs1 spin bike
Another budget-friendly buy, the Fitleader FS1 Stationary Exercise Bike has made a splash in the industry due to its strong and durable frame, boasting stabilizing capabilities of most high-end models, without the price tag.

Surprisingly sturdy, the bike can accommodate up to 293lbs and with a perimeter weighted flywheel and 8 magnetic resistance levels, this bike provides a smooth, realistic riding experience.

Not many major issues appear when discussing this bike other than its assembly, which has bolted pieces (as opposed to welding) that can sometimes move the parts of the machine slightly during very high-intensity workouts, but all is not lost.

The Fitleader FS1 is also outfitted with a few interesting add-ons which include dual resistance meters which track mileage, dual grip heart rate sensors that track calories, time, and distance, and water bottle and tablet device holders.

And even if holding your table in place covers your progress, as the screen is built into the space for the device, it’s still a great buy.

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Keiser M3 Plus Spin Bike

KEISER M3 PLUS indoor cycling bike
The Keiser M3 Plus is designed to last a lifetime with little to no maintenance in between and touts an attractive warranty for good measure. It’s beautiful, sleek design was crafted 10 years in the making and outfitted with a 24 gear Eddy Current Magnetic Resistance lending to a much more realistic biking motion.

Its integrated computer tracks both cadence (pedal rotations per minute) and resistance level in addition to the usual time, distance, and calories burned.

And though a bit on the heavier side – weighing in at about 140lbs making storage and transportation a little tougher – it’s what also makes it so stable to ride during intense workouts.

The most notable con would be the price tag, being found near the very top of the range, but it’s understandable due to the revolutionary magnetic resistance features and consistently accurate computer capabilities.

Some buyers also find at home assembly of this machine to be a bit more challenging than other bikes found on this list, but with a few added tools in your toolkit, you’re all set to enjoy one of the best cycling machines available on the market.

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Schwinn IC2 Spin Bike

Schwinn IC2 Spin Bike
As a recognized leader in the cycling industry, Schwinn has offered over 100 years of expertise in the making of the IC2, lending a real life cycling feel in the comfort of your own home.

Not to be surpassed by other models making the same claims, the Schwinn IC2 has a direct drive gearing system, which adjusts resistance levels in continuous increments, helping the rider feel like they’re riding outdoors on true rolling hills.

This natural and smooth ride is accompanied by comfortability in the multi-position handlebars, fully adjustable seat, and integrated fan. The model also includes a nice bottle or MP3 holder and LCD tracking system, recording time, distance, RPM, speed, and calorie counts.

Its rear stabilizers also offer a level of sturdiness not usually seen with a bike of this weight and help make for an awesome machine. Unfortunately, the Schwinn IC2 does have a chain drive, which again lends to slightly more noise and ongoing maintenance, but this should be seen as a small issue given the price of the bike and the many features that are included.

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What to Look for When Buying a Spin Bike


Purchasing your own personal spin bike for your home can be a considerable investment, so you want to make sure that it completely fits all of your budget needs and personal preferences. And though there may be many different types of spin bikes on the market to choose from, there are some key features that you should pay attention to when making your decision.

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The flywheel is what rotates when you pedal and lends the momentum needed to continue pedaling with an almost perfect cadence, allowing for an outdoor bike ride feel. Bikes with heavier flywheels will spin much smoother and keep inertia much longer, which makes the ride feel more natural. Also the extra weight added to the bike allows for a sturdier piece of equipment during high intensity rides.

Lighter flywheels oftentimes lend to a choppy, jerking motion of pedaling that will make the rider feel less in control of the cadence of the cycling and may cause undue stress on the joints. When deciding on a flywheel weight, between 30-40lbs is usually a safe zone, which most bikes available, but remember that heavier flywheels cost more to manufacture, and can drive up the cost of the bike itself.

Drive System

Spin bikes have two different types of drive system – chain or belt. The drive system causes rotation of the flywheel and is the sound that you hear when riding. Chain drives are like what you see on outdoor bikes and have a bad reputation for being slightly noisy on less expensive models while belt drives are praised for being nearly silent and perfect for biking next to your sleeping baby or just getting a much more relaxed ride with little distractions.

Both types are acceptable, with neither being better than the other, just different. Mostly, it’s the maintenance that should be kept in the forefront of your mind when purchasing. Though both systems are admirable, chain drive systems offer greater durability for excessive, high intensity usage (think commercial gym usage) and so require more ongoing maintenance including oiling and tightening of the chains. Belt drives are made of a thick, durable rubber material that needs virtually no maintenance for years, but will stretch and loosen over time with excessive use and will need to be replaced eventually.


When purchasing any exercise machine, bikes especially, it is most important that the equipment fit your body as closely as possible. To be sure of a smooth ride and effective workout, the bike’s frame should be heavy and sturdy to hold your weight sitting as well as while you’re intensely working out. Always be sure to check maximum weight capacities of bikes, which usually range between 200 – 300lbs. If you think your height may be an issue, you can check at home by raising your leg into a 90-degree angle. The bike’s dimensions should allow for the seat to reach the height of your leg, or be adjusted to do so, and the handlebars should sit a small distance above that.

You also want to look for bikes that offer capabilities for adjustments in the handlebars and seat, as these components will mean the difference between low-impact, smooth exercise, and stressfully uncomfortable riding. The more you are able to adjust the bike, the better your workout. As bike seats tend to be a make or break component for most buyers, a plus in an online purchase is if the seat can change out completely, this way you won’t be stuck with an unfavorable bike seat forever.

Additional Options to Consider

Some additional options to consider on your spin bike include add-ons such as computer capabilities and water bottle holders. While the water bottle holder, and other similar small additions may be an obviously easy choice for you, computer systems are sometimes a little tougher to come to a conclusion about. While not necessary to have, computer systems on bikes can be a great addition for those riders wanting to keep track of their progress for training purposes. Also, most luxury items offer programmed workouts which provide guidance for the rider similar to taking a class with an instructor.

Not all bikes are equipped with either of these additions, so it just depends on preference and price point. Bikes outfitted with these features, especially the computer system, tend to drive up price considerably, so be wise when making a decision on their necessity for your purchase.

Final Words

Purchasing any piece of exercise equipment for your home can be a great decision, but sometimes overwhelming. Just remember to explore your options and seek out help from fellow shoppers. The market is bursting at the seams with great buys and they’re all right at your fingertips.


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