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Travel Trac Comp Fluid Cycle Trainer Review

The Travel Track Comp Fluid Trainer can provide you with all that you have been looking for in an indoor trainer. It is a progressive resistance trainer that is designed to increase resistance the harder you pedal. It also replicates real-world road feel quite effectively.

It is the indoor cycle trainer that will help give you a workout that meets your expectations. Read the following Travel Trac Comp Fluid Trainer Review for more information.

Why invest in a Travel Trac Comp Fluid Trainer?

First and foremost, the unit comes mostly assembled, making it very easy for you to finish the assembling. However, you need to re-position the resistance unit, which is quite easy too. In addition, this indoor cycle trainer uses gravity in order to stabilize your bike as well as providing automatic pressure to adjust the rear tire. This eliminates the need for knobs. Travel Trac Comp Fluid trainer’s mountain system helps make it very easy to swap bikes in and out efficiently and fast.

It can also accommodate 24, 26, 27 inches, as well as 700 c wheels, making it a very versatile trainer. The unit has a solid design that helps keep your bike upright and stable every time you are working out. It is also very quiet when in use and can also be used on different floors, including wooden ones, but one needs a mat in order to avoid sliding.

Additionally, the trainer will give you a rear outdoor road feel, thus making it able to provide a great workout experience. Read a more detailed Travel Trac Comp Fluid Cycle Trainer Review for more details.

Travel Trac Comp Fluid Cycle Trainer Review

  • An external flywheel
  • Fluid resistance unit
  • Wide, stable base
  • Aluminum roller
  • Skewer
  • Axle capture system
  • Sturdy, foldable frame
  • Easy set-up
  • Rear quick-release skewer

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Features of the Travel Trac Comp Fluid Trainer in detail


External Flywheel

The external flywheel provides smooth as well as efficient pedaling action.

Fluid Resistance Unit

This type of resistance unit helps provide progressive resistance, leading to a quiet, smooth, road-like-feel.

Wide, stable base

This feature helps provide solid performance during intense workouts.


The unit comes with a skewer which slots directly into the frame in order to provide a secure hold.

Aluminum Roller

The unit’s aluminum roller is coarse. This coarseness helps provide a better grip for the tire, thus making it gain traction and therefore better resistance.

Axle capture system

The unit’s axle capture system twists smoothly and also contains a lock-nut that helps keep it from working loose while you are working out.

Sturdy, foldable frame

The strong frame makes the bike durable and also helps make it remain stable during intense workouts. The frame is also foldable for easier storage and transportation.

Easy set-up

The unit comes almost completely assembled. You only need to re-position the resistance unit.

Rear quick-release skewer

The rear quick-release skewer helps ensure proper bike fit.

  • The indoor cycle trainer is quite affordable,
  • It is relatively quiet while in use.
  • It has a fluid resistance unit, which enables the unit to provide progressive resistance, leading to smooth, quiet, and effective workouts.
  • The unit’s mounting system helps make bike changes in a fast and efficient task.
  • The folding frame of this bike trainer makes storage and transportation easier.
  • The external flywheel of this indoor cycle trainer allows for smooth, efficient pedaling action.
  • The unit is easy to set up.
  • The sturdy frame makes the bike strong and durable even when used frequently.
  • It is associated with quality construction.
  • The bike trainer can accommodate 24’’, 26’’, 27’’, as well as 700c wheels.
  • The trainer mimics real outdoor riding quite well because of its progressive nature and the fact that the harder and faster you pedal, the greater the resistance becomes.
  • Due to its lighter weight and smaller size, it is considered a great travel trainer.
  • It can fit both mountain and road bikes from 26 to 29er.
  • It can be very ideal for beginners, light users, or recreational users.

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  • The resistant unit of this trainer is quite small when compared to resistance units of other types of bike trainers.
  • Hard plastic feet may not be ideal for smooth surfaces because of the possibility of sliding.
  • High volume tires can crash with the front crossbar.
  • The indoor cycle trainer’s frame can lead to fatigue.
  • Some of its parts are made of plastic and may, therefore, need to be replaced from time to time.
  • It is associated with relatively low resistance.
  • The flywheel’s vibrations are felt all the way through the bike, causing the hangs to become numb.


Travel Trac Comp Fluid Trainer is a great indoor trainer that is very versatile. It is also quite affordable and gives satisfactory performance. The unit’s noise level is quite acceptable and you can hear clearly while working out. The greatest advantage of this particular bike trainer is that it uses progressive fluid resistance, which allows you to increase resistance as you increase your pedaling speed.

This gives you a real road –like feel, leading to a great workout. It is most desirable for to read a more detailed Travel Trac Comp Fluid Cycle Trainer Review for more information.

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